Morphe 35O palette

So I have recently brought the Morphe 35O palette and I can say I definitely wasn’t disappointed considering I paid roughly £15 for it the colours are so pigmented and for a bold look you don’t need to build it up loads. I use the top row 3rd one from the right as my transition […]

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Beauty bay wish list

I shop for nearly all my makeup on beauty bay, it’s affordable and takes like a day or two to get to you. I am determined to buy all of these products for my holiday this year. So first on my wish list is milani colour statement lip liner in the colour all natural which […]

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Makeup: Products I love

So these are all the products I love. The first is Mua eyeshadow pallete, I absolutely love this pallete and you can create different eye looks with it. I use it to go to work with when I want a subtle look but I can also use it on a night out to create a […]

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My workout routine.

So I’ve been working out for about a year now and I stopped over Christmas time because I got bored and just wanted to relax. But I’m back at it now and I thought I’d just share my workout routine because some people might want to know. So this is my body now. I workout […]

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This is a weird post to write about but I feel like people need to know and if you have it then you should have someone to talk to. Basically i have anxiety and I am sure loads of others do as well as it is not uncommon however some people don’t know what it […]

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I’ve been thinking about making a youtube account for a while now and I’m just really unsure about it because I would love to do it but I’m just too scared. It would probably be a beauty and fashion channel but I just wouldn’t know where to start. I was going to do a tutorial […]

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hi, I’m new to this site and if I’m honest I have no clue how to use it but I’ll learn eventually. My names Katie, I’m 16 and I live in England. I love everything to do with makeup and fashion and I feel like starting a blog is a good starting point for me. […]

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